Nile - At The Gate of Sethu

Alright, after listening to it, I'm amazed and blown away with the fact that they actually managed to offer something entirely new! After so many vocal experimentation on all of their previous albums, they've once again succeeded in providing a completely fresh approach. It's truly mind boggling.
The melodies are out of this world, especially on Supreme Humanism of Megalomania. It's just pure evil that immerses you in your entirety. Kollias is still the biggest beast in death metal, regardless of musical taste and misguided opinions. Rhythmically, the album owns with intensity, diversity and complexity. Rarely do we have a chance to hear a release that offers so much fresh and new moments, yet still manages to stay that which makes Nile the band it is. No bullshit.
In fact, this one is definitively the one to battle Annihilation of the Wicked and In Their Darkened Shrines for the Nile throne. Don't trust me? Listen to it for yourself.