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Terrible Belgian Strong Ale (Unibroue)

Those who've perused my blog with any frequency may have noticed I enjoy Unibroue's beers. While I don't really establish "favorites," this brewery has certainly earned a warm spot in my heart. This is a year-round release that I've eyeballed for the past year and a half but haven't had the nerve to try. Running this blog has given me the excuse to try all sorts of tantalizing beverages that I'd have barely glanced at in the past, and this beer has been at the top of my "must try" list since I created the blog.

In many ways, Terrible does remind me of both the Trois Pistoles and their stellar Vintage Ale for Trader Joe's, but it does distinguish itself from each. The aroma is sweeter and smoother than the other two and my initial sip was full bodied with a heavy taste of honey and perhaps a hint of grape. The fruity flavors are pouring out with each sip of this beer, but it's dark and heavy enough to keep it from feeling wimpy or light. Instead it carries a heavy wine-like flavor that works very nicely for this style. At 10.5% ABV, it's got a high enough alcohol content to justify sharing with friends, but doesn't have any sort of alcoholic burn. This is certainly not a beginner's beer, but newer beer geeks with an open mind will take to this with great ease. I've always felt Belgian and Belgian-styled ales are the best introduction to beer for newer palates, and this beer might be one of the finest examples I've tried in quite a while.

If you're reading this review, chances are you've already had this beer at some point in your life, but you should probably try it again. If you haven't yet had it, go visit your local craft beer retailer and get your hands on this beast. It's anything but terrible, trust me.

Beer Review: Unibroue's Trader Joe's Vintage Ale 2012

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I visited some friends out of town, in one of the few cities here in Florida that has a Trader Joe's store (a common chain for me growing up out west, but I find they're almost impossible to find down here). I went in to grab a snack for the road and left with this interesting bottle. It's brewed by Unibroue but is exclusively sold and bottled for Trader Joe's. It's now my job to see how this beer differs from Unibroue's other offerings.

This dark beer pours an incredibly thick and resilient head that slowly dissipates as the beer settles. While I initially expected this to be a repeat of Trois Pistoles, it smells slightly fruitier and sweeter than I recall its counterpart being. Indeed, it is a thinner and more noticeably effervescent drink than its cousin, but the two share many similarities. The almost tropical flavors presented in this beer are balanced by a hint of citrusy hops and a moderate darkness, yet nothing too intense to frighten away more timid drinkers. This is a highly drinkable beer and while it's got a great deal of intricacy and flavor, it's hardly intimidating. If you're in a Trader Joe's and find yourself curious, grab a bottle. It's a great price and a great beer, whether you're a well seasoned palate or a curious individual who seldom drinks craft beer. Grab it while it lasts and enjoy!

Quick Fix: Unibroue's "Maudite" Gift Set

Hey there readers, it's time for a quick fix, and this one's a bit unique. This is the first time I'm reviewing a gift set rather than just a beer on its own, so we'll see how this one goes for me. I've never had Maudite before purchasing it in this box set, but after seeing the snifter included and the stellar price (I paid only about ten bucks for mine), I had to have it.

The beer pours a heavy brown with a very thick, foamy head, that lingers around for quite a while. This is my first drink at home from a proper snifter, and I'm excited by this one in particular. The ominous gargoyle on this is perfect for a metal-loving beer nerd like myself, and while I'm still learning about the shape of a glass in relation to its impact on the drinking experience, I'm happy to have a new style of glass in my cabinet. In this particular beer, it really seems to fill out the nose, providing a massive experience. Much like the heavy nose, a sip of this beer provides a relatively hoppy, yet notably fruity and delicious beer. It mentions on the box that this beer can be paired successfully with spicy food, and I'm enjoying it alongside a bowl of painfully spicy homemade chili. The two are absolutely suited to each other and I'm having a great time. Given the price and the beauty of this set as a whole, I highly recommend getting this for yourself or the beer snob in your life. Cheers!

Beer Review: Unibroue's Trois Pistoles

Oh man. Every now and then I get beer recommendations from my friends who also enjoy a good drink. These recommendations often prove to be enjoyable, but seldom lead me to the discovery of a beer I can't live without. This fantastic ale from Unibroue leaves me baffled and delighted. I have no idea how I made it this far into my life as a beer nerd without trying this, but I'm glad I was encouraged to try it.

Described as a Belgian-style Strong Ale, this beer is so much more than any name could capture. As with all Unibroue beers, the label on the bottle is incredibly detailed and gorgeous, which complements such a drinking experience quite nicely. The beer pours a rich brown with a very thin head that creeps away towards the edges of the glass before dissolving rather quickly. The nose is thick with fruity malts that hint at the rich and enjoyable beer within. Even a mere sip is a brief moment in paradise, as the malty goodness is paired with syrupy sweetness that finishes so smoothly, the beer's high alcohol content (9%) is masked perfectly. The label likens the flavors to a fine port wine and it's totally accurate. There's even a bit of the delicious bite of a nice glass of brandy. Seriously, I'd say this is the perfect dessert beer, but I would never recommend waiting until after a meal to drink such a delicious beer. Start it halfway through the meal and enjoy a sip or two with each course. You'll be glad you did.

It doesn't appear this beer is seasonal, so grab a four-pack or single at your next opportunity. Stores in my area sell four for an average of ten dollars, so it's an incredible deal. When you find it, leave me a comment with your thoughts. I'm obsessed with this beer and hope you'll feel the same way I do.